Gallery regulations

Exhibitor conditions for artists showing their work at the virtual gallery “Pastel Exhibition in Brittany”

Exhibitors must be fully paid-up members of the association,

Exhibitors should have already attended a previous Salon du Pastel en Bretagne, either in the current or previous year (i.e: to have submitted work and passed by the selection panel).

The Association reserves the right to refuse any work which does not meet the criteria set by the selection panel of the Salon.

Communicate good quality digital images of the art works to be exhibited, with their exact sizes and titles. All artists must complete and return the attached display form which can be accessed via the following link : accès formulaire.

Exhibitors are required to make a payment of € 4 per work displayed. These funds are a contribution to the maintenance of the gallery.  (Please complete and return the registration form along with the fee, payable to “Salon du Pastel en Bretagne”  Send to: Salon du pastel en Bretagne, 5 Vaux, 36600 Lye, France).

Initially the maximum number of art works to be displayed is 5.

All conditions described above will be strictly applied, even if modifications take place to the form of the exhibition.

To apply, please send your request by email to :