Philippe Janin, 2011 guest of honour

Born in 1959 at Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain) in 1959, he studied architecture at Grenoble, qualifying in this profession which he exercised while painting at the same time, until 1989 when he became a full-time artist. Over a period of 9 years he exhibited at numerous shows, using various techniques including oil on canvas, greasy pastel, dry pastel, gouache, watercolour and oils on paper. He has exhibited at more than 20 galleries in France and abroad. Philippe JANIN is a figurative artist painting in the Provencal style and has his studio at Bonnieux in the Vaucluse. He has developed an individual style combining a rigorous approach to composition, a keen eye for the drawing and mastery of technique in the application of the materials, texture and colour. Through his complete mastery of technique he aims to  liberate himself from material obstacles, to release an instinctive, natural and spontaneous expression which can take form on the canvas. At the heart of his creative process we find a rigorous approach to work, a process which has nothing to do with any intellectual preparation.
It is more about releasing emotions. His early paintings and pastels which usually represent landscapes inspired by the scenery of Provence were sufficiently recognized to win him several first prizes. In recent years his success has been achieving widespread recognition.
After exhibiting around the South of France, the artist is showing is work more widely in France and abroad.
Philippe Janin reveals through the pastels his lively, energetic and impatient temperament. The line is often sensual and exuberant and the material texture frequently heavy and warm. Through this path the artist stimulates a strong desire to escape and to follow the route he indicates.
His most recent works concern some magnificent nudes. From the emotion of the body we discover a universe characterised by suggestion, using a prism of colours where the light and the drawing combine to reveal the image.  His latest works tends towards an expressionist approach, using subtle nuances of colour and light effects which bring an individual touch, confirming them as the creations of an established talent.

To find out more, see his site : http://www.art-provence.com


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