Richard Heitz, 2012 guest of honour

He is a real heart and soul individualist who likes to keep fashions and schools in art at arms length. His inspiration comes from lost light, forgotten spirits and past civilizations which have been lost in the oceans of time. Heitz received a very personal apprenticeship, giving particular attention to the masters TURNER and MOREAU, as well as the symbolists and the great landscape painters from the Russian and English 19th century tradition. With  wholehearted commitment, time seems to stand still for this artist who expresses himself through a very personal approach to colour. His art is subjective yet figurative at the same time and this fusion evolves in a thoroughly individual way to a process which is continually evolving.

He holds a visceral attachment to pastel painting which expresses itself through a variety of images: classical according to his mood, which can sometimes shatter conventions or accepted forms, recomposed, heated-up, or  liquefied. Substance and quality are transformed, stimulating an alchemy which yields the necessary stimulus needed by this artist who is committed exclusively to his art.

To see more, visit his site : http://richard-heitz.eu/pastelliste/



2012 Prices

Award-winning artworks: 
Prix de l'Ambiance - "Jardin de Monet 1" - Anne KROPIOWSKA

The 2012 Salon pictures

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article "Pastel appointment with the philosophy"
Michel Onfray conference at the Salon du Pastel in Britain