Thierry Citron, 2017 guest of honour

Thierry Citron is born June 17, 1953 in Maisse (Essonne )
Self-taught, worked in pastel primarily on the outdoor grounds.
Manage a workshop in Maisse and is involved in internships given to the Hotel des Pins in Murol (Puy-de-Dôme), the Glandier (Loir et Cher) and Clos de Lalande Valley (Finistère).
Participates in Meetings of Maubourguet

Gold Medal of the French exhibition artist, Silver Medal of the City of Paris, Price quoted art lounge Autumn 2013.

Farcheville - 100x140

2017 Prices

Award-winning artworks: 
Grand Prix du Salon - "Reflets automne" - Jacquemard