Exhibition Regulations

Article 1 Registration after selection :

The registration form must be duly completed, signed and submitted before the 1st of June 2019 imperative to :
Any request for registration after this date will not be taken into account.

Article 2 Contribution fee, hooking right and transportation as major inability to travel.

A contribution of € 20 and an installation (hanging) fee of € 12 per work will be required. The exponent is limited to 3 works.
In the case of a request for transportation of selected works, the BRITTANY PASTEL EXHIBITION will arrange transportation works for € 7 per painting.
It disclaims any responsibility for possible transport.
The settlement of fees (dues, hanging and transportation) will be attached to the form "Result of Selection" which will be returned by mail to the Salon du Pastel in Brittany, 5 Vaux - 36600 LYE.

Article 3 Woks dimensions :
The dimensions of works should not exceed 90cmx70cm including frame.

Article 4 Receipt and hanging of woks :
Works must be securely packed and provided with an hanging system. For clarity, the title of the work, along with the name and address of the exhibiting artist should be written on each submission. Any plagiarisms which went undetected and therefore not refused during the selection process is the responsibility of its authors.

Article 5 Supervision :
Supervision will be ensured during opening hours of the Exhibition.

Article 6 Cancellation :
In case of cancellation, neither the installation fee nor the contribution fee will be refunded.

Article 7 Removing works:
No work will be released before the end of the exhibition.

Article 8 Disposition of works :
Our aim is to obtain a coherent collection.  No complaints in relation to the way in which the works are displayed will be take into account.

Article 9 Commission on sale of painting:
A 15% commission will be charged on sales to the Salon du Pastel en Bretagne.

Article 10 Insurance:
The precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of the works upon receipt. Nevertheless, we can’t be held responsible for loss, theft, fire or damage of artworks whatsoever. The exhibitor can take precautions against these risks by purchasing individual insurance prior to the exhibition.

Article 11 Prizes:
Awards will be made to artists, including :
Grand Prix of the Fair awarded by Fougères agglomeration
Prize of the City of Fougeres awarded by the County Council
First Prize Pastel Girault,
Prize for hyperrealism awarded by Pratique des Arts,
Technical prize awarded by Gan Insurance,
Second Prize Pastels Girault,
Prize of the Giant of Fine Arts,
Pastel school prize awarded by the Guillaume houses,
Adult Audience Award,
Children's Audience Award.